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Personalized massages

Our Massages

Dare to please your body!

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Your body will tell you “Thank you”.


The benefits of a wellness massage are multiple and depend on the type of massage chosen. 

You will find below the description of each type of massage and its specificities.


Your practitioner, certified in professional well-being massage, will adapt to your requests and advise you on the type of massage best suited to your specific needs and requests.


You will also have the possibility of performing a personalized massage combining several specificities of one or more types of massage at no extra charge.


Each 'formula' offered offers you the possibility of performing a massage (or more depending on the formula chosen) which is included in your reservation price.


Do not hesitate any longer, treat yourself to this unique pleasure of a pure moment of relaxation and appeasement.

Adult massage (1h) Single price 79€

Child or teen massage (30 minutes) 35€ 

Descriptions of the massages

The  Royal Fairy


Creation of a 'signature' massage - very intuitive massage.  

Fully personalized massage according to the requests of the beneficiary.  

Techniques used

Oil massage, mixtures of techniques from different massages  and protocols used

(Californian - Swedish - Ayurvedic - Lomi Lomi - Balinese - Thai - Thai plantar reflexology)  

Alternation of maneuvers and body areas worked according to the specific request. 

The Fairy  Califonian


Deep physical and mental relaxation
Elimination of negative states such as anxiety, tension, anxiety and stress.
Awakening of mind-body awareness

Techniques used

Oil massage, very intuitive called "the massage of the heart" listening to the feelings of the massaged person.
Gentle, enveloping and relaxing effleurage.
Alternation of very gentle and slow maneuvers of enveloping strokes and fluid smoothing intended to relax
and firmer and more stimulating maneuvers aimed at alleviating larger and deeper tensions.

The Fairy  Swedish


Relief of aches and muscle tension.
Deep muscle relaxation.
Facilitation and increase of blood circulation in the body.

Techniques used

Oil massage or effleurage, kneading, friction, pressure and percussion are the most used maneuvers
during this massage called "sports massage".
Techniques aimed at dissolving tension and strengthening muscles and joints.
Facilitation of drainage (elimination of toxins) .

The Fairy  Hawaiian Lomi Lomi 


Soothing massage imbued with 'wisdom', rocking and nurturing.  

Elimination of pain, upset and anxiety.  

Improvement of the general well-being of the person.  

Techniques used

Polynesian body mechanics.  

Massages carried out mainly with the forearms - characteristic of the  'loving-touch': a unique, enveloping and reassuring touch, a harmony of gestures made of grace and fluidity specific to Hawaiian culture.  

Powerful and very gentle massage.

The Fairy  Indian Ayrvedic 


Stimulation of all the energy points of the body (vital energy "Prana").
Improved circulation of body fluids, digestion and functioning of the nervous system.
Elimination of the main toxins from the body.

Techniques used

Hot oil massage, both invigorating and enveloping called "energetic" massage.

The movements combine effleurages, kneading and vibrations, allowing an alternation of discharges

and energy recharges.

The Balinese Fairy 


Revitalization of the body thanks to a clever mix of two Asian cultures, each with its own specificity (Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese medicine)  

Relief from physical and spiritual pain.  

Harmonization of body and mind, toning of muscles, rehydration of the skin, stimulation of blood flow.  

Techniques used

Asymmetrical massage, rhythmic, powerful and surprising in its  protocol.  

Alternation of movements aiming to combine softness, relaxation, tone and energy.  

Complete technique using pressure, effleurages, percussion. 

The Reflexology Fairy  Plantar 


Boost vitality, digestive and respiratory systems.  

Harmonization of the meridians.  

Balance metabolisms.  

Techniques used

Rhythmic and powerful massage.  

Combination of enveloping massage, pressure and light touches  from the toes to above the knee.  

Use of a mango wood stick and a mentholated camphor cream allowing targeted pressure to be applied to the reflex points of the arch of the foot. 

The Fairy  Youth 


Awareness and experimentation with 'receiving a massage' and its benefits.  

Awareness of the body – perception of one's body  

Increased self-esteem and self-confidence.

Techniques used

Combination of techniques used in Californian and Lomi-Lomi massage

(soft and enveloping touches).  

Very personalized massage according to the specific needs desired .

To know


Well-being massage techniques are not similar to any Western medical or paramedical practice.

These are not therapeutic techniques but relaxation techniques.  

Your wellness massage practitioner is committed to:


-  Exercise his art with total respect for the physical and moral integrity of the beneficiary. 

-  Maintain strict confidentiality


We will ask you to take a shower in the wellness area “La Fée Bien-Être” before and after the massage performed.  

Most of the massages being massages with oil, these massages will be carried out, according to your choice, completely naked or with an underwear not afraid of oil (a disposable thong will be offered to you if necessary).  

We remind you that these massages are professional massages and that your privacy will be preserved.  

For child/adolescent massages, the massages will always be carried out in the presence of an adult responsible for the child/adolescent (unless a signed waiver is provided). 


Some advice ...

We advise you to contact your well-being practitioner before your massage so that you can talk to him to answer any requests and questions you may have about the course of the massage.

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