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Spa Jet

The Spa-jet

Become one with the water

Let yourself be overwhelmed by an unprecedented feeling of physical and mental well-being with

the Hydrofusion, the Aquatic Massage and the Journey to the Land of Relaxation.

Come and discover our new generation of multi-sensory SPA treatments for body and mind

25Mins 35.00€*

In detail,

Aquatic massage: affusion shower, hydrojets, misting, Scottish shower


Hydrofusion: combination of hammam and long infrared


Journey to the land of absolute relaxation: lulled by the vibratory massage bed,

cocooned in a colorful universe.


Hydrotherapy: underwater shower, balneotherapy.



Synergy of multi-sensory functions:

22 Hydrojets to relax and massage under the body, on the body and under the arch of the foot.

Steam hammam to eliminate toxins (from 40 to 48°).

Long infrared to detoxify the skin in depth.

Vibro massage bed to stimulate the body and unclog the tissues.

Chromotherapy for total harmony and balance.

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